1/23/2020 Reflection

Hey guys, it’s the last media blog, so I’m going to write a reflection.

On daily basis, I consume probably an unhealthy amount of media. Even during the week before finals, I probably spent at least one hour on SnapChat and on Instagram per day. Media has definitely take control over my life. It is very addicting. Even when dire situations arrive, I cannot let go of social media.
Being aware of social media did not change my interaction with media much. I consume just as much, if not more now. The only significant difference is that I think about the nuances of the media that I consume more. I can no longer look at ads the same way. For example, on TV, I saw an ad for BMW. Usually, I would look at the ad and think “That’s a cool car.”, but now, I think “What are they really trying to sell me.”
I have became a more media literate consumer. I feel confident in my ability to identify some details in an ad that an average person could not. It is important to be media literate because if one …


What is up Jake Pauler's and Logansters? Welcome back to the blog!
There is a conversation going on whether another war might occur because of the current rising tension between the US and Iran. While some people are taking this situation serious or just ignoring the probability of war completely, there are some people that chose to make fun of what is happening.
On Instagram, there was been a surge in memes about #WW3. Here are some examples.

I personally think that these memes are hilarious, probably because I use humor as a coping mechanism. Regardless, people should be taking this situation more seriously since there are human lives at stake. Social media has spread these images like wildfire, and it's crazy. One day, there was just WW3 on the news. The next day, my entire Instagram feed was of these memes. Some people even decided to meme to surge in WW3 memes. Social media has degraded the severity of the situation. Instead of making light of it, social media completely…

Missrepresentation 1/12/2020

What is up squad? I'm tired so let's get this done. Black WidowBadass, and one crazy super hero. She played an important role in Avenger's Endgame. One problem, she is too objectified. In Critical Thinking, we watched a documentary about how the media misrepresents women in the media called "Missrepresentation". One specific detail that stood about to me from the documentary was that women in movies follow have certain archetypes, such as their only motive is for love and that women characters are not complex, or that they do not develop that much as a character. Another significant detail that stood out was that women followed this one archetype called the "Fighting F*cktoy." Black Widow follows the "Fighting F*cktoy" archetype very well. In one scene, she is kicking butt, and the next scene, the camera focusses on her butt, her breasts, or her eyes giving a certain look towards the camera. These characters may seem like they are existing on …

YouTube's double ads 1/7/20

For a significant amount of time, YouTube has been placing double ads in their videos. Before, YouTube usually only makes the viewer watch one ad during an ad break. They now make people watch two ads. Although that the amount of time spent watching the ads are the same if one were to watch one ad, it it much more annoying and it definitely feels much longer.

I thought that this system was set in place to get viewers to watch more ads. Since people now have much shorter attention spans, having more smaller ads might be more beneficial to the corporate companies than having one longer ad. If YouTube stuck to their old format, many people, like me, would get bored of that ad half way through because of our short attention spans. With the new ad system, we consume more. I also believe that our short attention spans stem from our need for instant gratification, ironically why we are looking for YouTube videos in the first place.

 I find it very intriguing that even though I am watching th…

Jumanji 2 1/7/20

Over the weekend, I watched Jumonji 2 with my friends. Walking in, I had pretty low expectations because my friends on social media said that it was "bad." After watching it myself, I thought that the movie was actually "good." Throughout the movie, I had a sour taste in my mouth because I was expecting it to be not good. I think that this anticipation of waiting for something bad to pop up ruined a lot of the movie for me.

Looking back, social media was actually what ruined the movie for me. I was so caught up in what social media had to say that it affect my own thoughts of the movie. Overall, I enjoyed the movie because it was good, but feel that I would have enjoyed it more had I not cared so much about social media. It was as if someone spoiled the movie for me, when they really didn't. I find this phenomenon very interesting and thought that it might be cool to write about. The next time that I see a movie, I will definitely focus less on what others have…

Food Media 12/17/19

On my spear time, when I am procrastinating on my term paper, I enjoy spending my free time by watching food videos on Instagram and YouTube. Food media has become deeply embedded in today's culture. Franchises, such as Tasty and Food Network, built their entire name out of food media. Though food media may be enjoyable to watch, I believe that it takes away from the intimacy of having a meal.

One food YouTuber that I absolutely love to watch is this guy named Mikey Chen. He travels all around the world trying new dishes and restaurants. There was this one time when he was trying out this one place that served pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup. While he was eating it and describing what the meal was like, I heard some voices under his commentary. It sounded like people that were sitting on the table. I found this particular scene hard to digest, no pun intended.

Usually when I eat with people, I like to enjoy it with the people around me. I socialize with them, talk to them about the …

Love Mark 12/9/19

Approximately 2 months ago, Apple released their new iPhone line up. It consisted of 3 new phones, the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max (quite mouth fulls). As a customer of one of their very expensive smart phones, I began asking myself "Why the hell did I spend all of my savings for a slightly better phone?" It could be because the battery was better, or that the cameras were better, but really, why did I not buy another phone from companies that are much more affordable, such as Google or Oppo. Their products are just as competitive spec wise, and only a fraction of the price. I think that this reason, which could be applied to all other Apple consumers is love marks. Love marks is the idea of love and respect for a brand beyond reasoning. I actually see this in a day to day basis, where people argue which is better, Android or Apple. Apple has some how created this emotional tie with their consumers which is what is constantly pulling them back to buy the new …